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$1,000 Investing Contest!

Think you have what it takes to beat out other investors and win the $1,000 prize?

Free to enter! | No risks to you | Must be 18+ to compete

The rules are simple:
  1. Pick up to 5 of the best companies you can find and buy their stock (don't worry we'll supply you with virtual currency).
  2. Pick wisely because once you buy the stocks, you can't sell them for the full-year duration of the contest!
  3. The investor whose stock portfolio performs the best will win the $1,000 grand prize!

Want to participate but don't know where to start?

Don't know the first thing about Stock Market investing and don't know what companies to pick?

Don't worry! We got you! Check the features out below. They will help you on your way to winning the contest and the $1,000 prize!

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Quick Analysis Feature

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When looking to make great investments in the Stock Market (and get great returns), it's vital that you select great companies! The Quick Analysis feature can help you here!

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Company Detail Screen

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The charts, tables and other information presented here will help you to pick the best companies and stay away from the... not-so-good ones. Want a stock that will multiply your money? Buy the stock of a great company! This feature will help you!

Look at Apple's revenue growth. No wonder the stock has performed so well over the years!
Get the business' description, news, and more!
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Discover & Filter

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Need help finding companies? Use the Discover & Filter features! With the Discover feature you might find a news article on a company that you find interesting (hint: enter that company in the Quick Analysis tool!) With the Filter feature, you can filter out companies (stocks) by criteria you enter.

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Helpful Books to Read in the Meantime:

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Peter Lynch heavily emphasizes the point

that investors need to understand the companies behind the stocks that they own. He also speaks about the importance of owning a growing company and includes a lot of investing wisdom throughout the whole book!

Philip Fischer stresses the importance of buying the stocks of companies with great management. According to Fischer, a well-managed company will translate into a great-performing stock!

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Christopher Mayer explores the phenomenon of stocks that return 100-to-1.  In the opening paragraph he states, "This book is about 100-baggers. These are stocks that return $100 for every $1 invested. That means a $10,000 investment turns into $1,000,000. In this book, I want to show you how to find them."

Known as the "father of value investing," Benjamin Graham gives a heavily quantitative perspective and analysis-driven look into Stock Market investing. This book will help you with understanding a company's financials and the story they tell you.

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About UP 365

UP 365 aims to encourage the behaviors of Stock Market investing rather than speculating, gambling, or trading in the Stock Market. The tools provided by UP 365 will show that great investment opportunities are not only present in the larger, more popular companies, but they are available in the obscure companies as well. You only have to find them. UP 365 will help!